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About Us  The Human-Entity Assistance Team (HEAT) offers free investigations to those who believe they are experiencing paranormal, ghost, or other unexplained activity. We do not charge for our services, are very discreet, and won’t release any client information without their express written consent. If you or someone you know is in need of someone to consult and come to your home or business to investigate and document their experiences, please don’t hesitate to  We approach investigations from two main ways.  We have the equipment that most paranormal teams out there have, plus some devices custom designed and built exclusively by HEAT.  We start by performing a walk through with the client to get some base readings then set up the equipment in areas believed to have paranormal activity in them.  Our second part of the investigation begins after the walk through has been completed and the equipment is set up.  We have our team psychic and our tech manager sit down with the client to record an interview on video camera and audio recorder.  Most often, if there is an entity present, we will be able to communicate with it and get responses from it recorded on our equipment.  We also try to resolve any issues between the entity and the client.  Katrina has been using her mediumship gift since 1999 and Gerry has been investigating paranormal activity for 10 years.