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H.E.A.T. Equipment

Spectran NF-5020 Spectrum Analyzer The NF-5020 not only finds EM fields, but also graphically displays the frequency of the field.  The range of this device is from1 to 20 MHz.  It also includes a 3 axis magnetometer and a built in data logger that can upload stored data to a computer for analysis. Only a few of these devices are in use at this time in the U.S.   TES 1393 Data Logging Digital EMF Meter This hand held EMF meter reads EM fields in either Gauss or Tesla.  It can log EMF readings that can be uploaded to a computer for analysis. It’s range is from 0 to 2000 mGauss.   UV (Ultra Violet) Light Source This UV illuminator was built to be used with either B&W film cameras or modified digital cameras. While IR illumination has been around for years, UV illumination is fairly new. This illuminator was built 8 years ago to see if UV lighting could help capture any paranormal activity. This device is custom designed and built by Ohio Center For Paranormal Research, the R&D branch of HEAT Paranormal.   IR Illuminator This is a Stanley tripod LED lamp. The normal white LEDs were removed and replaced  with 5 chip IR LEDs (each LED “bulb” has 5 IR emitters in it), also custom built and designed for OCFPR, an OCFPR original modification. This IR Illuminator can light up an area much larger than the standard IR LEDs used on a camera with night shot infrared illuminator.  It is also possible to place this illuminator away from the camera and closer to the area being monitored.   Marantz PMD222 Cassette Recorder This cassette recorder has a second playback head built into it to allow the user to monitor what is being recorded as it’s being recorded in real time.  This is handy for EVP sessions so you have instantaneous feedback from any questions asked, if your question is answered, you can ask a follow up question, no more reviewing the tape at a later time only to find out you recorded something and didn’t get a chance to follow up with another question. Kestrel 4000 Hand Held Weather Station The weather station is used for environmental monitoring of an investigation.  It can display temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity, wind speed, etc.  This device is also capable of recording these parameters for uploading to a computer for analysis and graphing.   LCD Shutter Glasses This device is custom designed and built by Ohio Center For Paranormal Research, the R&D branch of HEAT Paranormal to test the hypothesis that certain animals such as dogs and cats can see ghosts. While the normal blink rate, or vision rate, of the human eye is around 60 Hz, cats and dogs see at a different frequency or rate. The variable rate of the glasses can mimic how the animals see things. This device has assisted in detecting paranormal activity.     Zoom H2 Audio Recorder This recorder has 4 internal microphones to allow the user to record in a 360 degree pattern in an area. By mapping out a room in conjunction with the placement of this recorder then comparing the strength of audio signal levels on the different channels one can which direction sounds/EVPs are coming from. Small IR Illuminator This IR illuminator is more portable than the Stanley modified unit and was designed to accompany a portable video camera by mounting it on an extension arm, or it can also be tripod mounted as a stand alone IR source for a fixed location video camera. This device is custom designed and built by Ohio Center For Paranormal Research, the R&D branch of HEAT Paranormal.   Sony HDR-HC3 Sony High Definition video camera that records in 1080i even in night shot mode. 3 Axis Vibration Sensor / Geophone Unlike the regular geophone featured on “Ghosthunters” which only detects on one axis, this device can detect and display the sensing of vibrations and infrasound on the X, Y, and Z axis. This device is custom designed and built by Ohio Center For Paranormal Research, the R&D branch of HEAT Paranormal.     Modified Radio Shack Radio and 2 Channel Audio Mixer The modified RS radio and two channel audio mixer is used to attempt to establish communications with entities.  An external microphone is also plugged into the mixer during the EVP session; the output from this device is sent to a set of headphones for real time monitoring to allow for real time monitoring and can be sent to a digital audio recorder  for archiving.  The audio mixer is custom designed and built for OCFPR, an OCFPR exclusive.  A white noise source can be used in place of the modified Radio Shack radio as well.   EMF-EVP Recorder This device records EVPs on one channel and can detect EM Fields that are within human range of hearing on the other channel. Any audio that is detected by the device is sent out to a stereo digital audio recorder and a set of headphones